Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Reign of Winter

[Reminder - this is an actual published campaign, so spoilers ahoy!]

We strike out for the last site, which is believed to be the centre of this winter realm. There, we can barely see in front of us, but we spy some igloo structures. Felgard searches ahead, they are mostly empty. Mostly. One, he finds, has some of those fairies creatures in it.

Our plan was that he would lead the creatures out and one way, and when they followed we would be behind them and attack. That plan worked as Felgard left the tent, but then Mage stepped in to put them to sleep. With the plan out the window, I stepped in myself, and fell through the trapped floor.

Felgard looked out further, and found another igloo, and then missed the big creature passing by. We continued the attack on the fairies, but then Hogan and Mage saw the moss troll. The large moss troll. I put the creatures out of our misery while Hogan and Felgard tried to survive the attacks, and finally got out to strike at it myself.

Unfortunately, as Felgard tried to move away, the troll swiped him, and down he went. Hogan went to his aid, so it was up to me to deal with the troll. With a mighty swing, I cleaved into it, cutting deep into what passed for its organs, causing it to fall dead. However, being a troll, it did not want to stay that way, but Mage and I kept it down while Hogan got Felgard back on his feet.

We then find an ice wall of spikes with wind blasting from it, clearly this was the source of the winter. And we found the moss troll's cave, with many items inside (although not that impressive a haul [because fluffed appraisal rolls are always funny]). While contemplating resting, Felgard looked into the portal and a man on a horse came out. However, the man was dying, and the horse and his armour quickly dissipated. He was one of three to announce the arrival of Baba Yaga... but only he was left, and he was gravely wounded. It seems that Baba Yaga's daughter is making a claim on Baba Yaga's territory and would have winter everywhere. This will not stand. We are tasked with finding Baba Yaga... and so will venture into winter's realm to do so. While I have no love for witches, there is still a proper way to nature that must be balanced...


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