Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Twitter is a very immediate service. The problem with that is that Twitter is a very immediate service.

I follow a fair few people. And they tweet. Often about things they are watching at the time. (Apparently, just recently, there was some Miley thing and some N'Sync thing...) The things is, tweets are short. So people don't put a lot of information in one. They assume context. They assume you know what they are talking about, and are probably watching it/aware of it at the same time as they are.

Which is a very them-centric thing. It also makes them rather hard to understand at times. "OMG, did I just see that?" I have no idea. "Wow, that was a terrible thing, wasn't it?" I don't know what you are talking about!!!

Please, Twitterers, provide context! Not everything is on twitter at the exact moment you are tweeting, and not everyone is exactly doing whatever it is you are doing. React if you must, but make it clear what you are reacting to!

At the very least, please add an understandable hash tag. #clarity


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