Thursday, 8 August 2013

Shark with Swampass

You know, as stupid shark movies go (and I've seen more than anyone should) this one isn't as stupid as others. Yes, it's still ridiculous, but it's no two headed shark or shark/octopus hybrid or anything.

An undiscovered deep trench has been discovered and is being transported across the country when a stupid accident occurs and the shark ends up in a swamp in the Atchafalaya Basin. It then causes trouble for a local pub owner who starts on the hunt to find the shark and prove they weren't responsible for that death. And, of course, there a local festival around to have kids and near sex (this is a tv friendly movie), and shark in swamp hijinks. Although there isn't as many deaths as you'd expect, it's not like this is from Asylum or anything.

Actually, one bit I did like was they tried the 'pressurised canister in shark mouth that they shoot' trick, which has the result you'd actually expect. Yeah, science! Although the actual cause of death of the shark is stupid and non-scientific.

Some big(-ish) names here. Kristy Swanson, D B Sweeney and Robert Davi! Not stunning performances, but again this is a cut above the usual shark movie developers so there is an actual plot and attempt at characterisation more than people just being shark bait. Not worth paying attention to, mind you, but a plot more than just having a shark, so credit for that.

On one hand, this is more than just sharkplotation... on the other hand, one does not watch sharkplotation for deep plots. Basically, this is better than the genre wants.


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