Wednesday, 7 August 2013


When you put all the cut-scenes of this video game together, you get quite the lengthy movie.

What happened is that the Joker managed to get Superman to kill Lois and his son... wha? Yes, this is a parallel universe, but how else to quickly justify beating up various superheroes rather than super villains. Anyway, our main heroes are dragged over into that universe, and then one after another there is justification for one on one fights, some times between a hero and themselves. Superman, basically, went mad, and now the heroes must take him down.

Now, what readily becomes apparent is that most of these fights shouldn't really work. When you get down to if, if it was really being honestly, a lot of fights would be one-sided, and Superman should have gotten rid of all people in his way after about five minutes. One bit I do like is they give a nod towards this by coming up with 'kryptonian enchancement pills' that puts normal people on the level of these gods. (Now that's something that could easily come into the normal continuity and lead to fascinating plots.)

And another apparent point: despite being two hours of cut-scenes, the plot is incredibly thin, and only serves to set up the next fight. Yes, this is a fighting game, and this is needed, but as comic fans, we should get more of an actual story. Flashpoint had tons of excuses for one-on-one fights too, but hey, an actual story we could get into! Here, they didn't try, and just said 'parallel universe, good heroes, bad heroes, fight!'

I have no interest in fighting games (...because, yes, I suck at them...), but next time can they give more meat to this?


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