Monday, 30 September 2013

Apartment IEOE

It's a horror movie that wants to evoke the likes of The Grudge and Dark Water... and it tries hard, but fails.

One daughter moves into an apartment, and right away it gets spooky. (Seriously, not even eight minutes in, and creepy stuff is happening!) And the other people in the apartment building (of which there is... a whole two!) are also weird. Oh, and there's also the ghost... and then, around half an hour into it, the movie changes, and... well, actually it pretty much repeats the first half hour, but takes a whole hour to do it.

This gets a very low rating on IMDB, and I can't say I blame them. This isn't a great movie. I wouldn't say it was that bad, but it doesn't do much with its premise of 'weird apartment with a ghost that kills people'. (If anything, it makes me want to rewatch 1408. If there is one thing to learn, if you are dealing with a ghost infested place, don't have a bad family relationship.)

I can't say anyone stands out performance wise, and the effects aren't much either (they do go an easy route effects-wise with just having people in creepy make up, rather than go all CGI everywhere, which works better, but does mean the scares are less).

It's watchable, but entirely missable.


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