Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hoodvinked Agained!

I tried to watch a particular animated movie, but it was aggressively generic and rubbish. So instead I went for the quirky fairy tale retake sequel.

Not that this is aggressively original either. Buddy cop movie where one partner screws up, so they need to reconcile, so that's the point of it. But we have that Hansel and Gretel are in trouble unless Granny makes the Truffle of Awesomeness, and Red needs to sort out her issues with Wolf so they can save all the people in trouble.

It's a comedy, so it works well. The movie is pretty self aware and willing to poke fun at its own title (namechecking itself more than once), and never misses an opportunity to run a joke into the ground, but it doesn't care. The actors don't care, and have fun with their roles. And the director doesn't care, and so produces a movie that doesn't care if you are enjoying it or not, it's just having fun. As am I!

This has a rather low rating, and that doesn't shock me entirely. It's too silly in a lot of places... but this is what I needed at the moment, so enjoyed it all.


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