Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Nostalgic for Avatater

No, I'm not talking about blue cats, but unfortunately I will be taking about the movie.

The Nostalgia Critic, or rather Doug Walker, took on the Last Airbender series. Because he was leading up to the movie, so needed to learn the series before hand. And so, to keep this meaning, he vlogged everything. (You'll also see that he's now talking about Korra.) All this so he could properly understand the movie...

To be honest, based on his reviews, it could just be half an hour of him screaming in anger. Alternatively, I could understand half an hour of just sobbing. As it happens, Doug went in with low expectations, so didn't get completely destroyed by it.

But that didn't stop the Nostalgia Critic from ripping into it (although with far less viciousness than he deserved):

And you can also hear him give commentary about this episode, in which he talks about watching the movie and everything.


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