Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Reign of Winter

[Note: I'm probably going to get all the names wrong.]

We are in the village of Willoughby, although I understand not most of these people and their strange language. I slink around the town, seeing the houses, but the people look at me with suspicion.

Felgard talks to Nadya's children, finds that their house has a Hatch that keeps in clean, and that the daughter Thora was taken. He also goes to the inn and finds a Halfling Rogue called Lidic. [He has this strange aura around him, like that of a PC.] After some shenanigans whereby they try not to pay for their own drinks, they do come back to Nadya's house.

Talking to Nadya about Thora, we find that the white witch of the pale tower took her and Nadya is gathering payment in the form of food and stuffs, what she was carrying when we found her. We arrange to go with her to help her out... and maybe meet up with a witch at the same time. We also talk to Hatch, a domovoi, and learn of his tales of his times at the pale tower, and find some useful information about the tower [a map, and pass phrases for teleporters].

Emil, the bar keeper, invites us to his pub and offers a drink... but then pulls a crossbow on us, and demands that we leave. How rude! He seems to be scared about it, but I still finished my drink first.

We are ready to leave the next morning, but Nadya is surrounded by guards wanting her to go and answer questions. When I hear what they are saying (for I still cannot understand them), I grab my axe and go out to give them my opinion. [Phew, I thought we weren't going to get any combat.] Before they can do anything, we sleep them, and I cut one down.

Felgard and Hogan go to the inn and see their boss, but Hogan is noticed and they are attacked. Felgard flips in and out of the inn, but then is stabbed and lies down on the floor. Hogan does some severe damage, and alerts us to their plight, and nearly takes out the main bad guy [Staggered!... but not down.]

When the rest of us arrive, at last I can swing around my axe! [Finally able to cleave!] I also give the bad guy a severe knock [second Staggered!], but he is still up, and looks into a mirror. Hogan gets in the final blow, and the rest of the guards are not worth talking about.

After gathering their equipment (we now have a lot of cold iron long swords), we quickly get ready to get out of town.


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