Thursday, 5 September 2013

OSW: American Gothic (1995)

This was a fantastic series. Sheriff Lucas Buck, as played by Gary Cole, was an evil man, possibly the devil, it’s never made clear, but he has such a hold on the town of Trinity in American Gothic… If you are a long time follower of the blog, you'll know I set some Heoric Cthulhu adventures there.

Although there were 22 episodes, in the first run they didn't all get shown, and then some of them were out of order. But the creepy atmosphere of all the episodes, matched by the glee of the Sheriff, is wonderful. (I just love that buttoned up shirt, with no tie, look of his.)

The rest of the cast did try to be good characters, but they had flaws (okay, some didn't try that hard). But the performances of all the actors were great, even Lucas Black as Caleb Temple is appropriately scary at the right times. (And, hey, guest star role by Bruce Campbell!)

Despite being nominated for a number of awards, this go cancelled, although the creator, Shaun Cassidy, did have ideas for season two. And, for some reason, the order of the episodes on the DVD is based on air date, with the out of order ordering, rather than proper order. Also, I've already ruined one DVD set by watching it too much, and had to get a second.

(Strange, I can't find the opening anywhere... have this teaser trailer instead!)


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