Friday, 6 September 2013

OSW: Spy Game (1997)

This, for me, was the proper sequel to The Avengers, despite what certain movies would have you believe. And despite it being American. Spy Game was about, you may guess, spies. But, and here's the important point, it kept the humour and whimsy of The Avengers (and actually knows what whimsy is, unlike that movie!).

Although there were only 13 episodes (and I'm not sure how many were shown over here), I do remember making sure that I caught each episode when it screened. The Avengers was great... but I didn't have easy access to that. Instead, this scratched that itch, and, hey, a proper cameo by Patrick Macnee! The chemistry between the leads, Linden Ashby and Allison Smith, was great (although I have no idea if there was a 'will they/won't they' dynamic... probably was).

They originally only screened nine of the episodes, although 13 were screened elsewhere. And I haven't seen this on DVD or available anywhere... and I'm not aware of anyone else being aware of this.

If that movie proved anything, it's that this definitely should have gotten another season or two.


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