Sunday, 8 September 2013

OSW: Wonderfalls (2004)

I wonder, wonder why the Wonderfalls... Now this was an off-beat series, before the likes of Dead Like Me or Pushing Daisies. Caroline Dhavernas was Jaye Tyler, permanent slacker that lived in a trailer, had a dead end job, and had to put with a terrible family. And then she got messages from tchotchkes.

(There's discussion that she got a re-occurring power from the ages (a la Buffy), a Joan of Arc power that travelled between females, and gave them visions to help their fellow man. After Jaye, did Tru from Tru Calling get it?)

The episodes were very much 'help person of the week and Jaye learns a lesson', but there were some great episodes here. "Pink Flamingo" was a good one (and really gives William Sandler something to do), "Muffin Buffalo" is hilarious, and "Cocktail Bunny" reveals the big secret of why the animals talk to her...

This was one of those shows that looked like fan effort might get it back... but no. There was definitely episodes planned for the second season, and even a third, but no. Another Fox series, screwed around in the programming, and finally... cancelled.


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