Monday, 9 September 2013

OSW: Dresden Files (2007)

Yep, there's that book series that's still on going. But there was also an on-screen telling of The Dresden Files, starring Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden, and while I didn't initially like it... yeah, this, to me, is now who I picture when I think of Harry. And Terrance Mann as Bob was a brilliant idea, and excellent casting.

Some of the episodes, mainly the pilot (which didn't actually screen and was later redone as a mid-season episode), were based on the books, otherwise it was 'supernatural horror of the week'. This did have the classic episode title "What About Bob?" (what about Bob?????), and "Things That Go Bump" is a fantastic episode that really ups the creepy factor.

But, and severe demerits for this, Valerie Cruz plays Murphy... a non-blonde! How dare they! Sure, she's tough and great and a terrific Murphy, but there's respect for the source material. And she isn't short.

I'm not sure that I read the books before this, and indeed this might have prompted that. This was a decent alternative take on the series (it wasn't intended to duplicate the books), and just failed to ever get renewed.


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