Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Whit Hous Down

Because one guy rescuing the president from the White House from terrorists is now a genre, we have the other movie that isn't the Olympus one.

John (because he's a white dude) wants to be a Secret Service Agent, and so arranges a terrorist attack on the White House so he can step up, kill them all, and save the President... okay, so someone else arranges the attack, but otherwise that's fairly accurate. Various parts of the House get destroyed, people die in stupid ways, conspiracies are uncovered, and the kid is actually relevant to the plot, unlike in that other movie.

While I like Jamie Foxx as the pres, Channing Tatum... could we have someone else in the hero lead, please? Yes, this movie isn't being entirely serious, but Channing can't pull this off. Too 'dude, brah'. Let's get Gerald Butler from that other movie over in this one. This movie has a better plot, so let's combine the cast and get a really rocking movie happening.

Decent enough, with the main problem being the lead being too goofy.


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