Tuesday, 17 September 2013

You will all wave

I've seen this ad a few times in cinemas. (Note this is the Australian version, I think in New Zealand the limit is $80. I'm never going to use it myself because I can see this being even easier to rip details from cards from people just wandering nearby someone with a paywave card... but that's not the point of this post.)

What we have it people doing the same thing, walking along in a queue, eating the same sandwich, which is created in the same way. There's that triple shot, which to me epitomises this ad, of the guys flipping the ties over their shoulders before they start eating... and then there's the guy with cash.

Now, watching this, what we see is mass production/standardisation/commercialisation that drains out any sense of creativity or individuality. People are cogs in a machine, don't think, just do the same thing day after day...

And then the guy with cash comes along and upsets everything. Look at the shock on people's faces! They can't believe this! They stop eating! They drop food! Someone is using CASH???

But... this is the guy that isn't going with the crowd, is doing his own thing, is not giving in to the mindless drone mentality. Why is he being portrayed as the bad guy? Hell, in this ad which promotes groupthink, he's the guy we should be rooting for! Break the system! Tear down the rules! Make the person behind the till have to make change!

I'm not sure the people creating this ad quite got the point...


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