Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Explodering Sol

Hey, look, a two parter Scy Fy disaster movie! And it's hitting all those beats...

Because the government is useless (topical!), an independent company builds their own space capable ship. Including using an engine that runs on solar power... and there's a solar flare up happening, but that doesn't mean anything. A bunch of nobodies are sent up with some actually capable people, so we get to see the families of those nobodies so that we can have "people that we care about". And mission control is a soap opera drama, and because of that, when something goes wrong, they are too incompetent to be able to save the ship properly, and so it goes into the sun, making it solar flare all over the earth... and then, in part two, the earth is in trouble, the "people that we care about" are in trouble and going through adventures that "we care about", and the mission control people are the only ones who can solve anything, by throwing a bomb into the sun...

So, yeah, disaster movie in which the disaster is at the end of part one, and then people are suffering until the solution works in part two. Sigh. Really? Can we (and by we, I mean Scy Fy) not come up with any other formula? It's just dull. I don't need to pay attention to know what's happening, and that's a terrible state for a movie to be in.

Starring in this is... a bunch of people I've never seen before. And the production is fine, the pace is a little slow, but that's because it's just treading a formula.

So... yeah, you've already seen this, don't worry about it.


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evildicemonkey said...

I think I saw this already