Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Gent of Sheild

So the greatest event ever in the history of TV and Movies has happened! At least, according to some. Actually, while the expectation is high, most of the reactions I've seen are, while enthusiastic, aren't overboard with the hypeness.

Despite the link to the Marvel universe, and lots of references to the movies so far (they really need to start establishing their own identity, but it's early yet), the actual show is largely 'generic monster problem of the week', as done through a government lens... so yes, it is another X-Files. Now, X-Files was very popular, as was another like series Fringe, so there's no reason to think this will fail... but we need more than just generic. We need the mythos episodes that will obviously come. We've had set up, we've had what could be a very generic episodes, we need the reason to not be able to swap in an episode from another series and be able to spot the difference. Still, I'm going to keep watching for it.

There are some cameos, but the main carry over star is, of course, Agent Coulson. We get a lot of other actors, some of whom are familiar, (so far no mainstay Whedon actor is in there full time), and the prerequisite love interests have been set up. While I'm sure the budget is high, I can't say that I feel overwhelmed with production value yet. I'm not sure what they are waiting for, but even the pilot didn't pull out all the stops.

This is clearly a series people will be watching, but as yet I'm still waiting for that Whedon magic to shine through.


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