Friday, 11 October 2013

Hard Rain's a-Falling

It's another Christian Slater movie! And I enjoy this one as well.

There's rain falling... a lot of rain... like, really a lot. You have to wonder how well the actors enjoyed being wet all the time. Anywho, in this town, two security guards are trying to get the money out of the way, but on their way out get stuck, and then some others turn up, who want to help... themselves to the money! And so Tom is on the run, hiding the money, then trying to keep out of the way so they won't kill him, and comes up against the token woman in the money, and the sheriff and his crew... and what makes this movie really interesting is that the allegiances between the groups change constantly over time. Who's bad? Who's good? Who's good enough when others are bad? It's the various combinations that keep this movie fresh, as well as the building up of water.

Christian Slater is his usual 'good man trying to do good' charming self. Morgan Freeman gives us a big presence, with rather interesting earrings. Randy Quaid is in this... but he's not making the movie terrible! Indeed, he seems to be having fun, so his character works well. And Minnie Driver isn't a helpless female (and there's a good reason she needs to be saved in the final moment).

I can see that a lot of people wouldn't rate this high (and indeed, barely a 5 on IMDB), but I like it, and it's a quick moving film that keeps the plot changing.

And because you can't talk about this movie without thinking of this song:


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