Saturday, 12 October 2013

11 Murder

Inspired by true events... I'm guessing the true event was "I want to make something dark and gritty like Se7en, but I only have a budget of ten dollars..."

In one plot thread, a killer has a prostitute tied up and ready to be killed, when his wife turns up and tries to talk him out of it. In another plot thread, two newly paired cops are trying to find the killer of ten prostitutes. And then the two threads are tied together in the very last scene...

This did remind me of Se7en, in that the camera work was dark and there were lots of two shots. But that's about it. In lieu of anything like a budget for killings, there is a lot of people talking in rooms. A lot of that. In fact, the entire movie is just two pairs of people talking to each other, occasionally changing what room they are in! This movie wants to be a dark drama, instead it is just a painful watch that isn't clear at all about what it wants to do.

I get that this movie is trying to do something different, but it just doesn't make it.


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