Friday, 18 October 2013

Paranormal Assylum

I watch a lot of stupid movies in search of rare gems... and this was an incredibly stupid movie.

Two guys want to find out about Typhoid Mary, who was at some asylum, so they set up equipment there (really? who leaves these places around with electricity on and everything?) and immediately capture ghosts and strange activity that they acknowledge and also dismiss... okay. And the fiancée of one of the guys is a cod psychic, who gets possessed really easily, and the guy completely refuses to believe there's anything bad. And then the ending happens in which everything goes to crap because this movie is just random.

Seriously. This movie just has random moments strung together for no reason than... because the writer wanted to shove as much weird things as possible without regard for coherency? Also there are a lot of screen effects, which when filmed by the guys is sort of fine, but also happens in non-filmed reality, so there's no excuse for that, but it's still there! Because it's cool and spooky? Nope.

This film stars the rather hansom 'not Josh Holloway' Aaron Mathias and a bunch of rather inexpensive day raters? The effects are decent enough, expect the Mary make up, which was over the top and not at all scary. And I don't know what the editor was on when choosing when to make cuts, but that's not how to do it.

In all, a complete mess of a movie, and well deserving its low rating.


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