Saturday, 19 October 2013

Zorld Zar W

I haven't read the book (I know, shocking!), so I can assess the movie as a separate identity.

In this quest movie, zombies happen, so Garry has to go to various places around the world and find the hidden secret items that point to the conspiracy that caused the assassination of JFK... no wait, that's something else. Instead, Garry travels the world, bringing misery to everywhere he visits as zombies immediately overwhelm every place he goes to. Seriously, I know this has to be an action movie, but zombies occur everywhere Garry is, so assumptions are made...

Meh, it's zombies. Never going to be that interesting. I know a lot of people disparage a lot about this movie, but since I don't know the book, it works fine as a meh zombie movie. Even the ending solution... whatever. Sure, why not? I've seen worse. The worst part is the family aspect of Garry that plays no relevance after about the first quarter of the movie.

Brad is there, needing a haircut, and a lot of other people are in this movie, but frankly most of them die, so don't bother remembering who they are. The zombie makeup is nice enough, but the CGI is really obvious.

This is (I supposed) an expensive zombie movie, but doesn't do anything really exciting.


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