Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Reign of Winter

With the attack on the guards, we are keen to leave the village and head out towards the Pale Tower. [Around about here Felgard realises that Nadya is familiar... and that the ghost we dealt with looks a lot like her... that could get awkward...]

On the way to the tower, a crow leaps into Hogan's pack and makes off with the lock of hair, one of the keys we need to activate Baba Yaga's hut. We chase it, and convince the crow ('cos it's a talking crow, of course) to hand over the hair in exchange for the mirror we got from the guard back in the village, and some information about the tower, in which we find out the main witch is not there but an assistant is. Mage also convinces, with the aid of a magic arrow as payment, to get the crow to tell those at the tower that the Black Rider was seen off to the north west [handily removing some of the guards we would otherwise have to fight].

At the tower, the guards are not interested in letting us in, and claim not to know of Nadya's daughter. We convince them that we must leave the supplies, so we are let in to the walled area. While discussing possible tactics, I try to shoot one of the guards, but am spotted, so instead I cut down the guard attacking me. An Ice Troll nearby comes out, so I strike at that, while the others take care (eventually) of the other guards. With some powerful strokes, I put it down, although I am not unscathed.

We continue inside, to the first floor of the tower. Felgard tries to put on a show for the guards there, but his performance is short, and so we must to fight. I strike down many of them, but between them and the water elemental that guards the place, I am nearly downed [I get to my last round of Rage and am in the danger zone for hit points, right when we finally fell the last creature].

With all our reserves spent, we huddle down for some rest, to ready ourselves for our attack upwards...


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