Monday, 7 October 2013

The Conjureratering

I wasn't holding up much hope for this movie... but the first ten minutes were better than an entire other movie by the same director I could mention.

A family moves into a large spooky house... and of course there are actual weird things going on. A couple investigate paranormal events... and of course there are actual paranormal events happening. So from that point of view, and this is supposedly based on a true story, this is the same as other movies...

But this movie gets atmosphere damn right. It does slow build, has actual moments of scares that are more than just jump scares (although there are a few of those), and a decent ending. The final scene is a little twee... but aside from that, it doesn't go on about the 'what/why' so much as just gets on with weird events.

The actors have some familiar faces, but the hairstyles are definitely in the 70s, so well recreated there. No-one is going too hammy, and even the children are tolerable. There are some great one-shots that have strange events happening in them, so those work very well.

I'm an extremely harsh critic of horror movies, but this is a damn fine one. If you like the genre, check this out.


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