Sunday, 13 October 2013

Revisionating Tomb Raider

One Tomb Raider related thing that completely passed me by was Revisioned, a series of ten episodes, with seven stories, by different creators. One is by Peter Chung... whom you might know from Aeon Flux... and this is done in exactly that style, with an unusual take on religion as he does. And this also means that Lara Croft has cannon breasts, but then most of the segments have her rather sexualised. Another segment is by Gail Simone, who is writing the bridging coming between the recent Tomb Raider game and the next one.

In general, they are just short, some are wacky, most are generic 'Lara gets into a quick adventure about some strange artefact', and while nice... they don't really go anywhere that interesting.

Still... the segments were short... so here they all are!


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