Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Stanley has a Parable

Hmm... I never talked about the Half-Life Mod of The Stanley Parable... But since it's now been released as a full game, now why not?

The tricky part is to talk about it without spoiling bits... 'cos it's not that complicated a game, so you can easily complete it (there's a speed run achievement for doing it in 4 minutes and 20 seconds - got it!), but the point is you have a choice. You have lots of choice. And the game expects you to take that choice. But... do you really have choice?

This is the game of player agency that you play when you want to really think about player agency.

And have a laugh. There were so many great bits that I just had to pause and laugh (and applaud) because it is so well scripted, you have to bow to it.

The conceit is that you are playing Stanley, who finds himself in an empty office. What happened? Can you get through the game, solve all the puzzles, and find out? Can you choose to? Can you choose not to?

Okay, this isn't a commentary on it so much as it is an advert, but go play the game, it's great!


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