Monday, 16 December 2013

Alpha Papapapapapa

Yeah, I enjoy the Alan Patridge tv series (not the 'Ah ha!' one, the two seasons of 'I'm Alan Patridge'), so of course I had to see the movie. In a theatre, as it happens, that only had three other people in it!

At North Norfolk Digital there are changes taking place, one such is the firing of one of the team, who doesn't quite take it in the best of spirits. And Alan needs to step in and try to help, as only Alan Patridge can. Yep, badly. And funnily!

There were quite a few laughs, from me and the others. Steve Coogan is great as Alan Patridge. Felicity Montagu's Lynn has a bit too much spirit. Colm Meaney gets quite a bit to do as Pat Farrell.. but the rest of the cast, even Nigel Lindsay as the nominally evil Jason Tresswell is rather one note in their characters and performance.

A funny movie that doesn't outstay its welcome, and one with great songs too!


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