Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Yeah, they made a sequel. Moreover, they are setting up a whole new franchise. Can't remember the first? Don't worry, I barely can either, although the movie does kinda assume you know what happened, and there's no recap so... yeah, good decision there guys.

In this chapter, there's a whole new house, but the same ghost comes back. And lots of minor things happen like pianos playing and small things moving. But if that's not enough, there's also a haunted hospital! And another haunted house! More haunted houses for your buck! It turns out there's a whole backstory deal, and someone was watching Psycho too much and there's running around with blue filters and... a rather lame ending.

But there is something missing from this movie. Namely... scares. I was not scared once. Not even a jump scare. Ooh, this thing moved... and? Creepy sounds are made... and? It's a ghost! ... and? Not even the characters in the movie can really get that much worked up. Scary noise and they go towards it, and then they are ready to take on the spirits and the like, and... It's just a whole lot of nothing.

Even if you saw Chapter 1, I wouldn't recommend bothering with Chapter 2. And if you haven't seen Chapter 1, there's no point starting here.


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