Friday, 31 January 2014


This series has made it to a second season. The first season was decent enough, they struck out and did their own thing with Green Arrow, and although they did bring in various lesser known other DC characters (mainly villains), although no-one really got that excited because they were lesser known.

Then the second season has kicked off and we actually get more well known heroes. One in particular, we've been waiting for, is Black Canary... and there she is! But who is she? I just want to step in here and say: I called it! I knew who it would be, because the series was going that silly, and boom, there she is! And we're also getting Barry Allen shoehorned in. Not the Flash yet... but definitely 'yet'.

But the over arching enemy just isn't that interesting. They want to do something big and spectacular and tie it into their evolving back story, but ... this is one of the biggest problems of this series. Oliver's backstory involves him being trapped on an island (with others) over five years and learning all sorts of crazy skills. And they keep flashing back to the island to show yet more bits about what happened to him. The problem is: it's really boring. Like, I'm fast forwarding through it, it's so boring.

I'm still watching... for now. (Unlike, say, Psych, which I've totally given up on), but it could be better. Maybe if they bring in Green Arrow's usual other partner to trade off, Green Lantern...


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