Saturday, 1 February 2014

Aefter AEarth

Oh.... that's what people were talking about. Even the fact that this is an M. Night movie doesn't explain just why this is terrible.

A boy is having trouble bonding with his distant father, so they go and have a happy holiday together. Involving one running across the surface of the planet Earth, which matters not even slightly. And encountering all sorts of animals that want to kill him, although only two or three try to. And there's the most obvious 'metaphor realised as a creature' than you could ever hope to avoid.

Everyone complains about how Jaden Smith is terrible in this movie. I'm going to be generous and say that he is extremely inexperienced in this movie. But then, I would hesitate to say that anyone is giving stellar performances. From Will Smith's stilted delivery to David Denman trying to go crazy and just coming across as weird and stupid, what was director doing?

Even the scenery isn't trying. It looks like this was shot in some nearby forest, and then CGI creatures were dotted around. And the big creature is just a generic grey blob.

Yeah, this isn't a movie anyone should bother with.

As for why I'm watching it now, it's because Your Movie Sucks.


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