Thursday, 2 January 2014


I can't say I'm an aficionado of Disney Princess movies, but a lot of people have been raving about this, so I did decide to see it. In 2D, although you didn't ask, although I can see a lot of nice potential 3D scenes.

Anna and Elsa are young sisters, but Elsa is gay has a secret power, and when being gay that power accidentally causes Elsa to harm Anna, their parents leap to the obviously correct decision of suppressing her gayness powers. However, when Elsa becomes queen, events move quickly, and Elsa's secret is discovered causing her to flee in shame. And then it's up to her sister to save her from herself. With the help of some sidekicks. And get involved in a very obvious love plot. In fact, there's a lot that is obvious here, although the big twist I didn't see coming, so that was nice. And the story doesn't go with Evil Queen, so that's good. (And no-one said 'hey, neat, she's gay got ice powers', they were all 'she's a monster'?)

[Okay, the whole 'gay' thing may be me over-reading into the movie, certainly I haven't seen anyone else talking about it, but it's a reading I'm doing!]

It seems songs are a big thing in these movies, and there are some nice songs, but I'm not as taken as others are. Meh, I'm just too cold hearted (sic) and cynical to be moved that easily. The relationship between the sisters is well done. And a lot of the comedy elements aren't overplayed.

Decent movie, and I'm tempted to watch it again in 3D just to see if that does add depth (sic).

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