Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Some comedy of 2013

There was many comedy live shows released last year. I just watched three of them!

Laughing and Telling Jokes: Jimmy Carr seems desperate to let people know what he is doing. His comedy shows are always titled so there is nothing but clarity about what he is performing. Some of this show was in the Royal Variety Performance 2013, but this is the full deal. He certainly loves launching jokes at all topics, with sex as his particular genre, because, as he explains, sex is still considered rather taboo thus an easy source for humour. Some of his "thoughts" gags are a bit weak, but overall the show is strong. And definitely don't go along without at least some idea that you might be included in his schtick, as there is plenty of audience participation. Fun all round.

Life is Pain: According to Alan Davies. This is more observational humour from his life as he talks about his youth in Essex, and spends a lot of him getting comedy out of him dealing with his new baby. In all... not that amazing. Definitely better with a script from someone else, or when mixed with other performers. Better in small doses.

Force Majeure: Ah, Eddie Izzard. Could be described as surrealist humour because there's a lot of jokes he makes which come entirely off the cuff, being worked on as he is talking, and can interrupt the flow of his other jokes. I can't say I've entirely enjoyed his recent shows, and this one does milk some previous shows. Still some decent stuff, but some really bizarre tangents. As he himself says "That's an Izzard joke" when delivering something not even he is sure he understands.


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