Friday, 17 January 2014

I Got Next

Okay, I'm willing to give video game based documentaries a go, so I Got Next, I'm willing...

This documentary follows four players of fighting games, mainly Street Fighter, as they go through a tournament. And... the camera follows them...

This could easily be a sports documentary, following some group of people in one-on-one matches as they move up through the battles... but one problem there is that I'm not interested in sports documentaries, so this movie really had trouble holding my interest. And it doesn't help that the camera work is very... low budget, shall I say? Certainly most of the footage is just the one camera man holding the camera, no steady cam or tripod or anything. That also doesn't make me want to pay attention.

This feels like a low production Kickstarter movie, more of a passion project than something that an audience is demanding. Certainly this audience member couldn't wait to put on something else.


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