Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ico Ico

I finally saw a Let's Play of Ico, to go along with the SOTC playthrough.

This is a very large looking game, with very big feeling levels. And I hope you like puzzles, because there are a lot of puzzles! And not really monsters to fight. Indeed, the two final boss battles (as such) are rather unusual and rather disappointing.

Anyway, Ico is a young lad with horns that got imprisoned but managed to break his cell. Looking around the prison, he finds Yorga, a taller young girl, and together they try to escape the prison / castle / thing. With a lot of running around, a little back tracking, and minimal combat.

There is little dialogue, but it doesn't need much, with portraying it through simple gestures. Ico leads Yorga around (because the boy must save the girl), and they don't even speak the same language, so they have to rely on actions.

You are Ico, and there aren't a lot of controls, so that's nice and basic. There are also no on screen gauges (although there was going to be). Very simple design, nice.

I'm not sure I want to play this, with the puzzles just a little too run-around to be fun, but I'm glad I watched it.


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