Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Majority Report

A lot of people point to this movie as having a proper display of how to use motion controls to control displays.

He's a cop, Wrongly accused of a crime he didn't commit! (Or rather, wouldn't commit.) On the run from the law, he has to find out what's really going on. Along the way, he has to make shady deals with the dark parts of society, and comes up against his own team. Finally, he must get back together with his estranged wife to prove himself ultimate innocent and bring down the corrupt.

You know, said like that, this sounds like a rather generic movie. And in many ways, it is. What distinguishes it from other movies is the setting. All the technology gives spectacle to watch and absorb. It's an interesting version of the future, with non-driving cars, and ads targeting people, and we are still on track for a lot of that.

But to fit with the generic plot, we get generic acting no-one is really giving anything new, Tom Cruise is just standing around intense, Max Von Sydow is quietly menacing, and the only one looking like she is doing something is Samantha Morton. And there's a lot of crazy characters, Lois Smith and Peter Stormare just go nuts.

It's a decent enough movie to watch, but it's more because of the vision in blue (and there's a lot of blue!) than anything else.


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