Monday, 27 January 2014


Okay, a weird movie I only saw screen shots of and thought I might check it out. It's based on a concept album by Nightwish, whom I've never heard of, so that music really resonated with me. I'm not sure if they were trying more for The Wall, but I was more reminded of Pan's Labyrinth.

In this, an old man is dying in a coma, and has regressed back to his childhood memories. In the real world, his daughter cannot sign his "do not resuscitate" order quickly enough, and goes back to the house to find some memories... and at the same time, in the coma, in his kid form, the man also finds similar memories with fantastical overtones (hence Pan). We uncover childhood traumas for both of them, and...

There are a few set pieces where, I'm guessing, the band gets on screen to rock on. I assume they did all the music, which is mostly sweet melodic tunes, odd for a symphonic power metal band. The pieces are somewhat associated with what is going on, but most of them feel like "let's insert this music video moment!".

The acting is decent, even the kids. The production values are also up there, and the evil snowman is well created (and those stitches for a mouth can't help but make him evil!). And, hey, despite being a Finnish production, it's in English, so that's good for us ignant non-English spaeking moroons.

It feels like a concept movie to fit the concept album. Nice imagery, although a thin story.


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