Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Raidering both Tombs

Because I could, I rewatched Tomb Raider 1 and 2. And I have to say that while 1 isn't a great movie, it is better than 2.

Both movies have problems with plotting. In that all they are trying to do is get to the next action sequence, and stick whatever talking scene in-between to get them there. Neither plot makes any sense, although I will say that 1 is more Tomb Raider-ish that 2. Collecting pieces of an artefact is more in keeping with the games than the world run-around that is 2.

Also interesting to note that despite this being movies with a strong female lead... there aren't other females in the movie (at least no named ones), so these don't pass the Bechdel test. That said, I can't recall other female characters in the games either (aside from the 2013 version, which I was reminded of often during these movies), but I think the comics did have them.

As action movies, these are passable. As Tomb Raider movies, these are not good examples.



evildicemonkey said...

Off the top of my head the big bad of the first game was Ms Jack leeeeene Nat-ler (or that's how I always remember the guy introducing her), she of the huge corporation who was secretly an Atlantean.

I don't really remember anyone else important in the other games.

Jamas Enright said...

All I remember of the first game is that it involved 'teh aliens'. Been a while since I played it.