Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Reign of Winter

[It's been a month! Still, back at it.]

At standing around the standing stone, we eventually move on... and find, in the snow, a strange patch of non-snowness. It's a large wide area, completely clear of snow and feeling more like spring. We see a Giant Elk, but instead of killing it, Felgard (the bard) talks to it and convinces it to show us across the way. I think making it into dinner is a better idea, but it seems everyone else is enjoying their rations. In the middle of the large area, we find a weak source of magic that may have come from a druid, but no sign of that druid. Continuing on, we camp near the border for the night before crossing back into the snow.

Onwards, we find a ruined village. Aside from the collapsed houses, there is a relatively intact church. Inside are two old priests... and I wait outside, with my axe, and wait for the screams... and there they are. Charging in, the priests have become demon looking things. I attack one, although the blow isn't as impressive as I thought it should be. However, Hogan (the cleric) channels energy into them and explodes them. Inside, we find a toppled alter... and some treasure underneath the fallen stone. Ka-ching!

There is also a presence here, and talking to it reveals that the events here need to be put to rest, which will be accomplished by consecrating the church to Desna. It takes a while, but we do this, because doing every side mission is what we do.

Moving on, we find a small village, and on the house on the outskirts a dead man. Checking it out, we are attacked by a fast moving quickling, with something else around. We take out the quickling, but the other creature disappeared. Talking to the woman in the house (who isn't too happy with us looting her husband), we find out she had a fey child with a passing satyr, and can we go find him. Tracking, we find a barn, that creature, and another quickling. The quickling is smoted, and the other creature runs away (again!), and we save the fawn. Go us!

Nadya's kids can stay here, while we continue on to the main city...


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