Sunday, 5 January 2014

Rushing all the Hours

So, the other day, I watched all three Rush Hour movies back to back... because, that's why. And so I can now take an overview of them.

1 and 2 are more well connected, with the ideas of one cop being a fish out of water in the other cop's city, both have daddy issues, and both having rich white men as villains. But 3 has more call backs, referencing events in 2 and calling back moments from 1, that it comes off as the lesser sequel.

Chris Tucker's character is very one note. But then Tucker has not really displayed huge ranges of characterisation. I feel like you could take his character from The Fifth Element, and be able to plonk it in here without much issue.

Jackie Chan, unsurprisingly, gets the best parts of all the movies. The more interesting character arcs, the better performed emotional ranges, the far better fight scenes. And, especially from the outtakes, comes across as more professional than his fellow actor.

Brett Ratner maintains a consistent directorial style over the movies (some might say he doesn't improve), keeping up the set piece fights and the obvious unfolding of the plot. The movies, being only 90 minutes long, don't outstay their welcomes, but there's enough going on to keep the pace. (Although, I admit now, I can't remember 3 as clearly as 1 and 2.)

Not a great, but neither a terrible, set of movies, mainly notable for Jackie Chan's performances. Can't say I'm surprised there's a Rush Hour 4 listed as in production.


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