Saturday, 4 January 2014

Space Cowpokes

This is a fun wee movie. Old guys in space! Hilarious!

Team Daedelus was the shite back in the day, and now with an old system failing, the deal is made to send them up into space to sort it out. With a requisite training sequence first. Which means less than half the movie is actually them in space. But once they are in space... everything starts unravelling quickly! Will they save the satellite? Can they survive it falling apart? Can they make it back to earth? Because there must also be a requisite sequence of them trying to land the spacecraft in adverse conditions, because nothing ever goes smoothly.

Yeah, let's face it. The best parts of this are seeing Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones, and, to a lesser extent, Donald Sutherland, James Cromwell and even William Devane, all strut their stuff. They are having a lot of fun here, and it shows in their performances. The production value is decent enough and the few space floating sequences we get are believable enough.

Not the best movie ever made, but a great picture to just chill out and enjoy.


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