Friday, 24 January 2014

Sleepy Hollow

Yes, there was a movie of this, and I did enjoy that... but there's also a TV series!

Set in the present day, this features two main people, he being a gentleman of the time of George Washington that was present when the headless horseman first turned up, got killed, but was resurrected at the current time. And she a police lieutenant who has a sister, with whom they saw something spooky in the woods. And they are The Witnesses, told of in the bible who will be around at the end times when the four horsemen will return to the earth. Because the headless horsemen is one of the four horsemen you see (Death, in particular). And Death doesn't just slice people's heads off with an ultra hot sword blade, he also uses guns and such, because you got to modern up.

This is part 'fish out of water' with Ichabod Crane, part 'spooky event of the week' show with various entities turning up in Sleepy Hollow, but there's also an ongoing threat of Moloch being the one who is orchestrating the end of everything.

It's different to the usual telling... but I'm enjoying it. The characters are decent and Ichabod, although from the past, isn't stupid and manages to cope well in the current day. There is constant reference back to his time with George Washington, so the series gets to play with period dress. The headless horseman is well done, and I'm sure it's an actor with a built up chest piece around his head, rather than CGIing out his head.

I binge watched the first ten episodes, and got into it, then had to wait for the remaining... and now season one is over (with a good cliffhanger). Fortunately, there is a second series to come.


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