Saturday, 25 January 2014

Face Off'd

I'm a big fan of Face Off... or maybe I should say I was.

This is now up to its sixth season, and has been coming up with lots of different design ideas to inspire people. And there's hints that it's going really big (one episode is set in Japan!). But... it's been six seasons! Just how far do they have to go to not replicate earlier stuff? Would they ever have considered giving these ideas to the season one peoples? Are they just drawing "wacky ideas from a hat" and going with that?

And they've also got a new round of personalities. None of them are really sticking out. I have to admit I haven't been drawn to watching with rapt attention, but I don't know who any of these people are. There's a guy... and a woman... and someone with a hair do... but they just seem interchangeable.

In season five they had 'veterans vs newcomers', in which they were already mining their own shows to help produce new ideas. And now they are starting all over with a fresh batch of people.

Now, I know reality tv shows are easy to produce, and this was good... but I think it's time is done. It had a good run, let's just let it fade into memory than drag it into death...


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