Friday, 10 January 2014

The Other Job in Italy

Yeah, I'm talking about the redo... for some reason I felt like watching it again.

When I started watching, I was wondering 'which one is the traitor again?' And then I saw Edward Norton's moustache, and that pretty much clinched it. So, after they pull a job in Italy, the movie gives up on that and moves to generic big city in America, and devolves into a 'get revenge for personal reasons' that just so happens to involve Minis. It just feels like more recent heist movies are all about the inter-conflict character drama, and secondly about the heist. That's not why I watch these movies! (Although plenty of people do for that reason, just look as Reservoir Dogs.)

None of the actors in this are trying too hard. Marky Mark is just bland, Edward Norton is just phoning it in, and although Charlize Theron is trying a little, the script isn't giving her much of a chance. And Donald Sutherland is wasted in his cameo.

As you could guess, I want to watch the original now, and so should you.


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