Saturday, 11 January 2014

Where's the Intelligence?

New series just started: Intelligence. And, as this is the internet, I've seen the pilot.

The basic premise: guy has a chip in his brain that allows him to hook into the internet and browse it at will (given there are signals around). He's also from Delta Force, so has all the action sequences down. (And he's played by Josh Holloway, so he's also got the looks.) And, because we need human drama, he has a female partner, so immediately there's a 'will they, won't they' vibe, and he's looking for his wife.

On the internet side, he can hook into any network, immediately pull up any search result, can ignore all firewalls and encryption, and can even, as an extra ability, 'cyber render', so can basically see images in a kind of 3d virtual reality and walk around in it. Um... this sounds like 'here's what the internet can do' by people who don't know what the internet can do. Certainly I don't believe in any of this from the get go. This show might be aimed at people who also don't know about the internet, but I'm not sure what demographic they are thinking of that would be interested in this show and that ignorant...

Or they could be planning on hooking people in on the basis of the characters. The lead being this handsome action guy with all the skills and this extra internet ability is something, I'm sure, everyone can see themselves as. The female partner seems to be there so they can play a male/female dynamic, although they've given her a backstory about a bad family life, etc., which I'm sure will never come back up again.

I'm might watch one more episode to see what their 'mission of the week' episode looks like, but I'm not seeing this as a series I'm investing in.


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