Friday, 21 February 2014

Baksheesh Chapter

This is... a weird movie. It wants to look like a documentary, but the cinematography is just confusing.

Because of MK-ULTRA, there are chemicals around that open up people's brains to be receivers... but what are they receiving? Weird creatures are drawn to people to who take the drugs, and they soon disappear, but one reporter decides to track down her friend, and find the man who started it all... and then run around...

Just thinking back on it, there's a lot of running around. Go to this place, get a scare, go to another place, get another scare, go to another place... yeah, not a lot of plot, but the movie passes well. I want to like this movie, it does some interesting things, there are cheap scares, but it keeps going with different ideas, but...

The problem is the camera. There is archive footage, and we get some camera footage, and then we have our reporter character, and the camera follows her like there's someone shooting her... but it's just the movie point of view... and yet it seems to be as it was a characters point of view... but sees everything... make your damn mind up how you want to shoot this, don't change from shot to shot!

Ted Levine has a lot of fun as Thomas Blackburn, and Katia Winter tries hard as Anna Roland (and she's been in plenty of other things!). But a lot of the actors feel like this is their first time in front of the camera, and the varied quality of the production do not help.

It could be good... but this has a few too many problems to achieve that.


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