Thursday, 20 February 2014

TR: Minimal Update Edition

I had this idea about how to play a game differently, and thought Tomb Raider would be a game to try it out on... and so I did! I went for... minimal upgrades. Having all the DLC and the game giving 'tutorials', I have to upgrade some things, but other than what I had to, I didn't spend any skill points or upgrade any gear...

And it's a rather different feel to the game. No collection artefacts, or documents, or salvage boxes... or raiding tombs! What that leaves... this game feels like a speed run. I'm just running through all the puzzle sections (as I know what to do), so the only thing to slow me down is gunning down dudes. A lot of dudes. So, from a platformer / explorer / shooter... this is now just a shooter. In that way... it's kinda boring. Just running and shooting and... meh.

Also, without upgrades, I kept running out of ammo. So even though I was on Easy (to see if this was possible even in concept) this felt like an Ironman run, with having to redo fights over and over because of low ammo, bad reload times, shaky aim. Really annoying.

And yet, win I did! So it is entirely possible to minimal upgrade complete Tomb Raider on Easy. In only about five or six hours at that! No doubt a better player could do this on Hard, but I'm not going to. I might still play it on Hard at some point, with all upgrades and such, but that's for later.


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