Sunday, 23 February 2014

Game Over

I did say I wanted to watch a decent computer chess documentary, and this is one about the 1997 game of Kasparov and the Machine.

In 1996, Kasparov battled against Deep Blue and won. In 1997, there was a rematch. This documentary going into detail on this follow up, with setting up the situation, each day is shown and discussed, and there is some touching on the fall out. Because, in Game Two, Kasparov conceded (although it turns out he didn't need to and could have drawn). Was there suspicion of human intervention? No-one's allowed to say. But then in the following games, Kasparov's head wasn't quite in the game, thinking about Day 2, and so the degradation began. And ultimately... IBM now claims Deep Blue beat the chess master.

This is an interesting look, in that both sides get to talk, and although the discussion of human intervention is covered, it isn't really hit home as having any real basis. However, the director does take that as an opportunity to show constant images of the Mechanical Turk, which seems to crop up in these computer chess movies. And speaking of director choices, the director also has some voice over in a quiet whisper. Thanks for that.

A decent look at a piece of history...

And you can watch it too!


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