Monday, 24 February 2014

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular!

And Spectacular it was!

Thanks to my parents, I went to this, and sat near the control booth in the middle of the hall... so great views (and great spotlights often shining in my face, gah!). I was worried that it would be like 'and this is the great music from Hide', and I can barely remember that! Fortunately, it wasn't anything like that. It opened with... okay, I don't know the track names, so instead will say one of the common new songs and we got a taste of the epicness to come.

The Companion Suite did make me realise that the companion themes have overly romantic themes (Rose), sad romantic (Martha), comedy (Donna)... but none of them really had action in their themes. That says a lot about them really, come on people, give them something more than 'here's how they emotionally work with the Doctor' and make them their own characters.

They did touch on the classic series with a medley of songs from each of the classic Doctors... although no McGann. :(

We also got some monster themes, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Daleks and medleys... various monsters walked some of the aisles (they came close, I was fourth row back from where they came). I have to say, seeing one of those Daleks up close like that, I finally got a real sense of how big and imposing they are, something that never translated on screen.

One great aspect of this is that this was the actual New Zealand Symphony Orchestra playing this, with conductor Ben Foster. Peter Davison provided MC duties, and went on about the cricket just a little too much, although we lapped it up. And a cameo appearance by Tom Baker too!

Three big pieces were the Name of, Day of and Time of episodes. Great stuff, and, of course... they ended with the theme song! Kind of had to really.

Lots more photos are available. And I went with a simian, so read his views. Also a walking stick insect went there. (...I know some strange people...)


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