Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Into the rorriM

I love Mirrors, great movie. When I first saw it, I saw that it was based on a Korean movie... and now I've seen that Korean movie!

A superstore is undergoing renovation after a fire a year ago, but now there are strange deaths caused by people's mirror selves getting a little too self-aware. Young-min Woo is an ex-cop who is now head security guard, because his uncle runs the place, but can't get a grip long enough to be an actual useful part of the investigation. However, when he realises that reflections are involved, and the twin of the only woman who died in the fire is also involved, it's up to them to find out what is true.

This version is more about what happened at the department store, and is more a revenge flick with supernatural elements. There is no (aside from the uncle) personal family of the cop to be in danger, and I did like that bit of the American version. However, there is no rubbish with the department store built on a mental asylum, or whatever the hell crap the American version tried to throw into the mix. And I prefer the end reveal of the American version because it is more personal and haunting.

Still props to both for keeping the camera out of all those mirror shots!

It's good, but I would give the edge to the American version... although this one didn't have a craptacular sequel.


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