Saturday, 15 February 2014


It's a thriller! With the small deficiency that this movie isn't thrilling in any way.

Two old guys have a bitch at each other over tech companies, so they get a young guy to be a patsy to help one steal from the other. Only it takes about half an hour or so to set this up, and then another half an hour to actually get on with developing the idea, leaving only the last half an hour to try for some action and reveals and... be very, very obvious about what's going to happen.

Another title for this could have been Paddanoia, because it takes so freaking long to get anywhere. I had to keep reminding myself that this was something that looked interesting that I wanted to watch, because I couldn't believe that I was actually watching it. You'd think Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford would make for a more exciting movie, but they aren't stretching themselves. As for the lead... the most I can say is that he's Thor's brother.

Paraboria is another variant. Totally skippable.


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