Friday, 14 February 2014

World War Z

Okay, so I'm a little late to reading it, but I finally got around to the 2006 classic book. Or rather listen to it. With a full cast reading. Which only came out last year. So good timing really! Although it did come out to coincide with a movie that accidentally had the same name.

It's a decent book that tries to cover an entire apocalypse and deal with the varying ramifications. Unfortunately, said apocalypse is that of zombies, which aren't explained as to how they arose, so I was constantly thinking 'these make no biological sense' (as zombies rarely do), rather getting in the way of enjoying the story.

Because, as is true of zombie stories, the zombies aren't the point. It could be any kind of attack, such as a deadly virus, and you'd still have most of this unchanged. The various sections were quite believable with how people would act, who they would blame, initial profiteering, trying to fight back, and so on. There's a lot to cover, going all around the earth and beyond, but we get a decent view of it all.

And the full cast works well, some big names in there just providing a voice. It is rather ironic Alan Alda voicing a gogetter military general. Although I only picked up some voices as I went through, not really getting the names as the story only gave them once before getting on with the telling, and it's not exactly easy to rewind on an ipod.

Decent book, worth the read/listen.


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