Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Reign of Winter

Waking up in the fish camp, we wasted no time in going over to the guard post to find Nadya's uncle. There, Felgard (who is, I remind, a gnome) intimidated some guards to show us to the guy in charge... and then intimidated him. We picked up Raingear, and just walked out. And the guards had two ogres I could have killed! No fun!

With Nadya and Reindeer reunited, we talk Nadya into returning back to her family. Then we outfit Reidnear, and prepare to enter the city of Whitethrone, through, as it happens, a winter wolf entrance. And we happen to have a pelt that makes the person look like a winter wolf person. And once inside, if we can find the paper forger, he can set it up so that we are a bunch of people who act weird and yet basically have free reign of the city... [Yeah, it really feels like the adventure wrote this in just to allow the PCs a way to move around.]

The next day, we head in taking supplies, with Felgard the talker in the winter wolf garb. We get past the entrance easily enough, although Felgard is propositioned by the guard there. Inside, we head for the drop off point, but are attacked by the Backalley Boys, aka Snow Goblins. Goblins. I tell you. I barely got to kill any of them before they ran away! Bah!

Moving on, we encounter a mirror man, a creature with a mirror for a head that can communicate with the queen. Raimner warns us that we should hide or kill it quickly. Guess which I choose! We think we manage to stop the mirror man from communicating with the queen while I Hulk out and smash it! It takes a while, but I do take it down.

Onwards, we deliver the food, and pause to consider our next steps...


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